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The Cheap Cycle Kentuckiana MX Championship Series State Race AMA Pro Am

KMCS State Championship Race and AMA Pro Am, $5000.00 Purse For Pro Am Classes

High Fly MX Park Race Weekend July 13th 14th
The Cheap Cycle Kentuckiana MX Championship Series State Race and AMA Pro Am will be held at High Fly MX Park in Crothersville IN. There will be a $5000.00 purse for the Pro Am Classes!! Who will be the next crop of state champions out of Kentuckiana?

Details for Race Weekend at High Fly MX Park

Saturday July 13th Open Practice
Practice starts 10:30am and ends at 3:00pm
Practice Fees $10.00 a rider
Practice order is as follows:
1.Big Bikes (limited to 45 Riders at a time)
2.85cc to Supermini
We will change this as we see needed!
Remember its a practice!
$5.00 gate fee a day. $10.00 for the weekend.

Sunday July 14th The Cheap Cycle Kentuckiana MX Series State Race AMA Pro/Am
Sign-Up at 6:30am to 8:30am
Practice starts at 8:30am
Racing starts 10:15am
Gate Fee is $5.00
Youth Race Fee is $15.00 a class
Amateur Fee is $25.00 for first $15.00 each class after
Pro/Am Racers $25.00 a class
Please be as early as you can for sign-up!
Remember – camping is FREE at High Fly – but please, be responsible and respectful of the park! There will be signs up this weekend for NO PARKING areas… we need to be able to have a drive back to the score/registration booth as well as a spot close to the track for our ambulance!!! The lot to the right, off of the entrance drive is designed specifically for camping – please use it!!! There is a trail over to the track from there.
Thanks to all for your courtesy!!

Pro Am Payout!

Open Expert (A) Pro/Am Pay Outs (on overalls) Lites Expert (A) Pro/Am Pay Outs (on overalls)
1st $750.00 1st $600.00
2nd $500.00 2nd $400.00
3rd $375.00 3rd $265.00
4th $250.00 4th $175.00
5th $180.00 5th $150.00
6th $150.00 6th $125.00
7th $120.00 7th $100.00
8th $90.00 8th $75.00
9th $70.00 9th $50.00
10th $50.00 10th $25.00
11th $25.00 11th $25.00
12th $25.00 12th $25.00
13th $25.00 13th $25.00
14th $25.00 14th $25.00
15th $25.00 15th $25.00
16th $25.00 16th $25.00
17th $25.00 17th $25.00
18th $25.00 18th $25.00
19th $25.00 19th $25.00
20th $25.00 20th $25.00
Open Expert (A) Pro/Am Total Purse Lites Expert (A) Pro/Am Total Purse Total Purse
$2,785.00 $2,215.00 $5,000.00

Let's have a GREAT RACE DAY everyone!!!!
See you at High Fly!!!