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2017 Kentuckiana MX Championship Series changes has rippling affect to tracks. High Fly MX Park 2.0 has moved quad racing to Saturdays.

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The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) announced in December that Crossroads Racing Series will be an AMA Featured Championship Series for 2016.

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High Fly MX Park 2.0 in Scottsburg IN , 4898 N. Rutherford Hollow Road. Practice date's to be released soon!

Crossroads Cover
Date Time Title  
Apr 02, 2016 April 2nd & 3rdCrossroads Racing Series - Round #2 "Battle over High Fly"
Apr 08, 2017 April 8th & 9th Quads will be racing on Sat. April 8thRd#2 of Kentuckiana MX Championship Series
Jun 17, 2017 June 17th & 18th Quads will race on Sat. 17thRd#? of Kentuckiana MX Championship Series
Sep 30, 2017 September 30th & October 1st Quads will Race Sat. Sept. 30thRD#? of Kentuckiana MX Championship Series

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